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Entry #1

the Wrath of NewbieScape

2009-06-21 08:18:37 by Lopaxe

The best newbiescaper IMNOTAN00B is here and willing to star in NewbieScape 9 episode. NewbieScape 8 script and sounds and shit were made not by me, i only did the graphics. Newbiescape 9 will be an attempt to go to my old-school newbiescape movies, only with better graphics and no "click here to continue" thingy, even tho i'd save time of lip-syncing. anyway, i bought a tablet and got back to animation! check this Imnotan00b's portrait while i attempt to finish the last (and the longest) episode of whole series.

the Wrath of NewbieScape


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2010-05-05 19:15:28



2010-08-18 13:18:59

For some reason, It looks like somthing David Firth would draw. Ah well, I was once an avid Runescape player, hope to see some more from you :)


2011-06-17 23:06:53

your funny, lol. love your videos man.